children animated TV series
dir. Jakub Kouřil
script development

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

J.-Y. Cousteau

Let’s join Simone, Mrs. Octopus, and the Cat in their underwater journey, looking for a famous submarine explorer, they reveal magic secrets of the ocean.

Little Simone has a passion for the underwater world. Inspired by her one and only hero Jacques-Yves Cousteau, she tries to experience a magical and mysterious underwater mission.
The problem is she’s just a little girl. So she spends all her days in an oceanographic center where her mum works.
One day she discovers Mrs. Octopus and Oscar the Cat, Cousteau’s best friends living in the oceanographic center. And boredom comes to an end when they invite her to their adventurous underwater journey.
Let’s join them in a yellow submarine, let’s meet underwater creatures, travel through dangerous waters and maybe eventually find their hero living on the bottom of the ocean!